Gastón Arévalo

FullStack Web developer


About Me

Hello, my name is Gastón and I am 22 years old, I am currently a Fullstack Web Developer with Angular, python, php and MySQL. I am an electronics technician, I like to have new Challenges, work in teams setting and exceeding objectives. I like to constantly learn about new technologies to never stop growing.




Aplication Development Analyst -

Angular Frontend Web Development

  • Angular 12+
  • TypeScript
  • Requirement Analyst
Angular TypeScript HTML CSS Agile


Fullstack Web Developer - -

Web development with angular and PHP

  • Requirement analyst
  • Web development
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Chatbots development
  • Software Testing
Angular TypeScript Flask Python PHP MySQL HTML CSS JavaScrip Heroku APACHE React DialogFlow


Social Media Manager

Education / Training

UTN Córdoba

Systems Engineering Student - -

Instituto Técnico y Orientado Luis Manuel Robles

Electronic technician Highschool - -

Electronic Technician
  • assemble and install, operate and maintain analog and / or digital electronics components, products, equipment and installations
  • designs and developments of standard technology
  • select and advise on electronic components, products, equipment and installations
  • Select circuits and components according to the technology available
  • Design programs for electronic products with discrete logic microprocessors and / or microcontrollers. Select the high and / or low level programming language for the host computer